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Parties and Feasts, I

Feasts and festivals are special times of celebration. Most take place once a year and may last for a day or more. Many feasts and festivals honour great leaders, saints, or gods or spirits.

Others celebrate a harvest, the beginning of a season or of a year, or the anniversary of a historical event.

Most feasts and festivals are joyous occasions, but some involve mourning and repentance.

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1. Do you like parties? I absolutely love parties! I like parties. In the middle. So-so. I don’t care for parties. I don’t like parties. I absolutely hate parties!

2. I know some people who are “party animals”; they love attending parties, they love partying. True or false? Describe their lifestyle or behavior.

3. Do you know anyone who isn’t into parties and feasts? Do you know anyone who is not interested in, dislikes or doesn’t like parties?

4. What kinds of parties have you attended? Describe your BEST, favorite party.

5. Do you have school, university, church, company, club, sports and association parties? Where do they take place? What happens at these parties?

6. Have you ever had a surprise party?




Types of Parties

7. How long do parties last? Is it one or more days? What are the times?

8. There are parties or celebrations where a whole village, town or city attends. Is this right or wrong?

9. How much does it cost to throw a party? Are they cheap, medium-priced, expensive or very expensive?

At Parties

10. What kinds of food or dishes are featured at parties?

11. How do people dress at parties? Describe their clothes.

12. Is there lots of music, singing, dancing and games? Are there live band performances?

13. Parties are the best places to meet new people, make new friends, or find a girlfriend or boyfriend. What do you think?

14. What might happen in the future?

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