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United States, part 1


The United States of America is the third largest country in the world in population and the fourth largest in area. It covers the entire midsection of North America, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west, plus Alaska, in the northwest corner of North America; and Hawaii, far out in the Pacific.


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 What do you think about the following statements about the United States?

I agree completely; I agree somewhat; yes and no, maybe, sometimes, perphaps, it depends; I disgree; I totally disagree.

Why do these laws and customs exists? What are the good and bad points about these?

Ideals and Values

1. Globalization is largely Americanization. All countries are adopting American culture, ideals, values, and political and economic system.

2. Freedom, liberty, justice, equality and democracy are the most important ideals and values in the US — they are worth fighting and dying for.

3. Americans are very proud of their history, democracy, institutions, and cultural heritage.


4. It’s a good thing that the United States has the unofficial role as the Policeman of the World.

5. Some people in Texas, Puerto Rico, California, Montana and Idaho want to secede (break away) from the US.


6. People in the US can be very emotional and unpredictable.

7. Many Americans regard the 1950’s as the “Golden Age”, or the “Good ole Days”.

8. The biggest social issues or controversies in the US are abortion, marijuana and gay-marriages.

9. People in the United States, especially in the South, are quite religious.

10. Individualism and individual rights are more important than the group and collective rights.

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