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Dogs, two



Dogs assist disabled people in many ways. For example, they guide the blind and serve as “ears” for the deaf. In addition, dogs lift the spirits of patients in hospitals and nursing homes.

Dogs have also entertained people for centuries. In earlier times, audiences enjoyed betting on fights between dogs and between dogs and other animals, such as bears, bulls, and lions. Many countries now ban such fights.

Today, such contests as dog racing, field trials, and obedience trials draw large crowds. Dogs also perform in circuses, on stage, in motion pictures, and on television.

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Dog Breeds

12. Which are more common, pedigrees or mutts (mixed breeds)?

13. What dog breeds are native to your region or country?

14. Name some common or popular breeds.

15. Do people prefer purebreds over mutts?

16. Many people have a bias for male over female dogs. Is this fair or unfair?

Stray Dogs

17. Are there stray dogs in your neighborhood? Where do they come from?

18. Has the number of strays increased, decreased or stayed the same over the past 10, 20 or 30 years?

19. Do some or many people adopt stray or rescued animals?

20. Are stray dogs part of the landscape, just like trees, birds, bushes, flowers?

21. There are animal shelters and rescue centers. True or false?

22. There needs to be more animal shelters and rescue centers. Yes or no?






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