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Children’s Issues, two

Childhood is a period of transformation that involves a variety of physical, psychological, and social processes. These processes largely determine the type of adult that a child will become.

During childhood, most boys and girls nearly double in height and quadruple in weight.

But childhood involves far more than physical growth and development. It involves significant changes in a child’s behavior, thought processes, emotions, and attitudes.


11. You should give children anything they want: toys, stereos, allowances (pocket money), books, new clothes, TVs, cassettes tapes, CDs, computers. Do you agree?

12. Should parents make their children do chores around the house? Why or why not?

13. What do you think of Dr. Benjamin Spock’s ideas of raising children, i.e. never spanking them?


14. In Sweden, it’s illegal to spank or physically punish children. If parents do, their children my be removed from their homes and placed in foster care.

15. How can children be encouraged to do well in school?

16. Today’s children grow up “spoiled”. Do you agree?


17. In your culture, when do children usually move out of their parents’ home?

18. In my culture, children usually look after their parents when they get old. True or false? Is this good or bad?

19. In most Kibbutzim communities in Israel, children eat, sleep, and study together in a separate children’s community. Mothers of infants visit them frequently during the day, and both parents join their children for a time after work. What do you think of this?

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