Top 500 Words


The following is a list of very basic vocabulary words in the English language. Each page contains about 21 words along with exercises. The activity consist of statements and questions which the student needs to answer or respond to.

  1. Big small good bad new old hot cold
  2. Rich, poor, male, female, right, left
  3. Easy hard smart same soft different
  4. Soft different far heavey
  5. Go win have eat sing fly buy read say
  6. Hungry full blue free cheap fast slow
  7. Tall short fun sweet funny delicious
  8. Swim drink become sleep wear grow
  9. Strong weak dry light wet happy sad
  10. Score smile exercise listen change lie
  11. Safe quiet high low sunny snowy tidy
  12. Recharge party save hire travel enjoy
  13. Move pour shave retire copy cry live
  14. Rain believe skilled shout rent deliver
  15. Collect succeed want harvest harvest
  16. Fix divorce clap shop walk bake knock
  17. Drop crack practice escape help stop
  18. Kick wash work like laugh type finish


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