whats the explanation

What’s the Explanation? I




1. Tom was climbing Mount Everest when he went missing. After several months, he was rescued and flew home. When he landed in Heathrow Airport, Margaret his wife watched him disembark the plane.

She called and waved to Tom excitedly. However, he didn’t respond to her calls. Why didn’t he respond?

2. Barbara had a blackout (she fainted) . . . and fell backwards into a deep hole. Fortunately, she wasn’t hurt. How did she avoid getting hurt?

3. It was late at night.
“I love you,” said Tom.
“I love you too, honey” said Sue.

Just then William — Sue’s husband — came into the

What do you think happened next?

4. A nurse injected Richard with botulin and then cyanide — but it didn’t kill him! Why didn’t the injections kill him?



5. Ralph was swimming in a lake when he suddenly felt something in his mouth. He came out of the water immediately. Why did he come out of the water immediately?

6. “I’ll marry you,” Janet promised Chris. But everyone knew that this would not happen. How did they know they would not get married?

7. “Go away!” Joe shouted to Deborah, his fiancee. This make her very happy. Why did this make Deborah happy? Why was Deborah happy?



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