rich one

The Rich, one


In General

1. Everyone wants to be rich. I want to be rich (assuming that you are not). True or false?

2. What would you do if you were rich? What kind of lifestyle would you have?

3. Approximately what percent of people are rich?

4. Do you personally know any rich people?

5. Which nations do you associate as being “rich”?

Work and Business

6. How do people become rich? What kind of occupations do rich individuals have?

7. There are millions of books, CDs, lectures and programs on how to become rich. Is this correct or wrong?

8. Rich people benefit society. Do you agree?

9. Can some people be rich today and not rich the next day, or is this impossible?

10. Even if a rich person lost all his or her money, they can quickly recover and become rich again. What do you think?

11. Anyone can learn how to become rich. Yes or no?

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