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Company, two

Generally, a companies act compels people wanting to start a company to make a formal application. If the application is accepted, the company will be registered at a government office.

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12. How does your company provide their service? Describe the process.

13. My company is located in a large metropolitan area (city). True or false? Where is your company located? Why is it located there?

14. Is your company labor intensive or is it mostly automated and computerized? Are there robots and computers?

15. How have operations been changing? What will happen in the future?

16. The company operates from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. Is this correct or incorrect?

17. Does the government help or hinder operations, both, in the middle?

Employees, Personnel, Staff

18. What sort of employee benefits do workers receive at your company?

19. How are employees recruited and hired at your company? Help wanted ads, universities, employment agencies, word of mouth?

20. What sort of education, training or qualifications must applicants or candidates have?

21. Our company provides apprenticeships and training programs for new workers. Yes or no?

22. Are there periodic workshops, seminars, lectures and courses for employees? Give examples.

23. We have company picnics, sports teams, excursions, clubs, etc. True or false?

24. Is there a high or low turnover, or is it “normal”?

25. What happens when employees retire?



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