poverty two

Poverty, two


Causes and Solutions

13. What causes poverty? Is it just one or are there numerous reason?

14. How can the poor escape poverty and become working or middle class?

15. Do you know anyone from a poor family that became middle class or even rich? What did they do?

16. Poor people typically have lower IQs. What do you think?

17. The poor should have fewer children; the rich should have more. Do you agree?

18. Should the government help the poor? How can the government help the poor?

19. Could the rich help the poor?


20. The students from poor families generally don’t perform as well in school. Furthermore, they can’t afford private tutoring. Is this right or wrong?

21. Poor parents don’t value education as much as middle-class families.

22. The poor aren’t as ambitious as middle class individuals.

23. Do rich, middle class and the poor have different ideals, values, beliefs, attitudes and philosophies?

24. Can poor people be happy? Who are happier, poor or middle class people?

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