utopia one

Utopia, one


Utopia is the name commonly given to an imaginary land where everything is supposed to be perfect. The name utopia comes from the Greek words ou and topos, meaning no place.





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You get to design a new country, society, world.

Geography and Climate

1. My Utopia would have lots of lakes, rivers, and streams. Yes or no?

2. Would your country be landlocked or would it have a shoreline or coast?

3. Would it be flat, hilly, mountainous or a mix of all of them?

4. How big would your Utopia be? What would be it’s area? How many square kilometers would it have?

5. What shape would it be? Would it be regular or irregular?

6. Where would your country be located? Or would it be located no where in particular, or in a “generic” location?

7. Who would be its neighbors?

8. What sort of climate, seasons and weather would it have?

9. Would your Utopia have the same weather year round, a four season climate, two season?

10. I would like to have climate change (i.e. global warming). Yes or no?

11. Describe its flora and fauna. What sort of plants and animals would it contain?

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