Favorites, three

Time, Animals, Geography




time stream cactus/cacti
hour minute dolphin
year tundra mountain
hill conifer date (3)
sea whale woodpecker
lake tropics temperate
taiga alpine desert, arid
valley prairie steppe, semi-arid
river raptor deciduous
pine swamp cuckoo bird
ocean second porpoise
orca beaver squirrel
seal pigeon octopus
deer rabbit moose, elk
nest leopard grassland
sky jungle farmland





Date, Time, Season

Tree. Monday is my favorite day of the week. Yes or no?

Pine tree. What is your favorite season?

Palm Tree, Coconut Tree. Is your favorite month of the year May?

Flower. My favorite time of the day is 12:00 noon. True or false?

Vegetable. What is your favorite climate: arctic, alpine, temperate (four-season), Mediterranean, subtropical, tropical, semi-arid (semi-desert), arid (desert)?



Plants and Animals

Cactus. Is your friend’s favorite animal the tortoise?

Rose. My favorite plant is the cactus. Is this right or wrong?

Grass. What is your favorite flower?

Bush. Do you have a favorite tree?

Shrub. My favorite fish is the octopus. Is this correct or incorrect?




Whale. Is your favorite geographical feature the mountain (or plains, valleys, forests, island, hills, cliffs)?

Octopus. What is your favorite body of water (a pond, stream, river, lake, sea, ocean)?

Crab. My favorite type of weather is cloudy and overcast. Yes or no? What about sunny, rainy, snowy, windy, foggy, hot, cold, warm, cool weather?

Shrimp. What’s your favorite country, in terms of geography?

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