school 4

School, four


Schools are constantly changing and evolving. Those of the future will undoubtedly differ from those of today.

Standards and Achievements

31. What level of education must students have achieved by the time they graduate?

32. What level of reading and writing should students have achieved?

33. What level of math and science should students have acquired?

34. Which country do you think has the best school system? Why?

35. Is it necessary for a nation’s students to have a high average scholastic test scores?

Post School, the Future

36. What happened to your former classmates after graduation?

37. Do you keep in tough with your former classmates?

38. What do you plan on doing after you graduate from school?

39. Have you attended class reunions? Describe them.

40. Home schooling is superior to conventional school. Yes or no?

41. In the future, schooling will take place at home with interactive, educational software, online videos, winbars, and video lectures. True or false?


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