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Money is anything that is generally accepted by people in exchange for the things they sell or the work they do. Gold and silver were once the most common forms of money. But today, money consists mainly of bank notes, coins made of various metals, and deposits held at banks.

Each country has a basic unit of money. In India, for example, the basic unit is the rupee. Switzerland uses the franc, Indonesia the rupiah, China the yuan, Russia the ruble, the United Kingdom the pound, and the United States the dollar. The money in use in a country is called its currency.

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National Currency

1. Describe the money of your country. Whose portraits are on the bills?

2. How many different currencies has your country had?

3. Have you experienced inflation, hyperinflation and, or deflation? What were people’s reactions?

Bills, Banknotes and Coins

4. Has the appearance of banknotes or bills and coins changed over the decades?

5. I would like to see gold and silver coins or gold and silver embedded bills in circulation. Do you agree? Money needs to go back to a gold standard.

6. What are some interesting or unusual-looking coins or money you have seen?

7. I collect coins and banknotes. Yes or no? Do you know anyone who has an extensive collection?

e-Commerce, e-Payment

8. Do you prefer paying by cash or credit, debit card or smart phone?

9. Credit card holders spend more on average than those who pay by cash.

10. What are the advantages of having e-payments and transactions?

11. Are there any cons or drawbacks (negative aspects) of having e-payments and transactions?

12. In the future, bills, coins, banknotes will only be found in museums and private collections.

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