Dinosaur is the name of a group of prehistoric reptiles that ruled the earth for about 160 million years. These animals died out millions of years ago, but they have fascinated people ever since they were first described in the early 1800’s. The name dinosaur comes from the term Dinosauria, which means terrible lizards.





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1. I am fascinated by dinosaurs. Or, I was fascinated by dinosaurs as a child. True or false?

2. Do you know the names of the main dinosaurs?

3. Have you watched movies or TV shows about dinosaurs?

4. I collect dinosaur books and toys. Or my friends and I collected dinosaur books and toys when we were children. Is this right or wrong?

5. My friends and I would like to work as paleontologists. Yes or no?


6. Have dinosaur fossils been discovered in your country?

7. Is there a museum in your city that displays dinosaur skeletons? Have you visited such museums? Have you been to or seen a dinosaur park?

8. Are dinosaurs a big industry? What are some examples?


9. Can the term “dinosaur” be used to describe people? Do you know any dinosaurs?

10. Will people end up like the dinosaurs?

11. Have the dinosaurs “failed” or were they “successful”? (the dinosaurs dominated the Earth for about 160 million years).

12. Scientists should revive dinosaurs. I hope scientists bring them back to life. Yes or no?

13. If dinosaurs were brought back to life, how could people harness them?




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