sports one

Sports, one

Sports are organized athletic activities played individually or in teams. Most sports can be played by men and women and boys and girls.

Many people participate in sports as amateurs for personal enjoyment, the love of competition, or as a healthy form of exercise.

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1. Do you play any sports? Which sports do you play? Did you play any sports when you were in school?

2. What are the most popular sports in your country? The most popular sports in my country are……..

3. If I could play or practice any sport, I would…….

4. Which nations are good in sports? Which sports are they good at? Why are they so good?

5. Which sports are your country good at? How do the athletes train or practice?

6. Is fishing popular? Why do people fish? Where are good fishing spots? What do they catch?

Professional Athletes

7. Who are some famous athletes or sportspeople from your country?

8. Why do superstar athletes earn so much money? How do they earn money? Where does the money come from?

9. What do superstars do with their money?

10. I wish I were a professional athlete. Yes or no?

11. Sports is big business. Sports is an industry. True or false? Give examples.

12. What happens to famous sports superstars when they retire? Give examples.



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