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Discount store is a type of store that sells goods to consumers at relatively low prices. A typical discount store occupies over 65,000 square feet (6,000 square meters).

Discount stores carry such merchandise as small appliances, clothing, and health and beauty aids. Certain discount stores called dollar stores carry only low-cost items, many of which sell for $1 or less. Discount stores became an important retail institution during the 1940’s.


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1. Which is better, many people spending lots of money or fewer people spending less?

2. Where are the cheapest places to shop? Where can you find the best bargains? Why?

3. Where are the most expensive places to shop? Why?

4. What are some effective forms of marketing and advertising?

5. What do you think about free trade? What do you think of protectionism?

6. What is the best economic policy?


7. Are there differences in shopping habits between men and women?

8. Do you prefer bargaining or haggling, or having set prices? Why?

9. Some people can become addicted to shopping (shopaholism). True or false? Describe them. How can this be cured? Is shopaholism good or bad?

10. What do you think about working in a shop? Would you like to work in a store? I would like to own a shore. Yes or no?

11. Why are almost all shop assistants or sales clerks in Turkey men, but in Bulgaria they are mostly women?

12. Certain ethnic groups “dominate” retail and wholesale trade. What do you think?

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