first impressions one

First Impressions, One

You’ve heard it said that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

The fact is that when a person first meets someone else, he or she makes a judgment about them in about four seconds.

Moreover that judgment is finalized within 30 seconds of the initial contact.

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 What is your first impression of the following examples of dress or appearance? Why? Have you ever seen such people? Why are they like that?


1. A man in a navy-blue suit and tie coming out of a Mercedes.

2. A person wearing ripped or torn jeans.

3. A couple wearing very fancy clothes on a Friday evening.

4. An elderly lady dressed in teenage fashions.

5. Teenagers wearing oversized pants, shirts, sneakers and baseball caps worn sideways.





6. People walking very fast on Monday morning.

7. A couple holding hands and walking slowly in a park.

8. A man walking with a lit cigarette

9. Some young people dressed in shorts carrying large backpacks.

10. Middle-aged people at the train station carrying large blue or red and white bags.

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