Superheroes, 2


In modern popular fiction, a superhero is a type of costumed heroic character who possesses supernatural or superhuman powers.

Superheroes are usually dedicated to fighting crime, protecting the public, while also combating supervillains, who are their criminal counterparts. Often at least one of these supervillains will be the superhero’s archenemy.

Some long-running superheroes include Batman, Captain America, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Spider-Man.




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1. Name some superheroes that you are familiar with.

2. Do you have a favorite superhero? Did you have a superhero as a youngster?

3. I read superhero comics and watch superhero shows and movies. True or false? What about your friends?

4. I wish I were a superhero. Yes or no? What superhero would you like to be or be like?

5. Do you wish you had certain super powers? If yes, what super powers would you like?



Comics, TV Shows, Movies

6. Have superheroes changed over the years? If yes, how have they changed?

7. Are there superheroes from your country? Describe them.

8. The superhero industry is very big and profitable. Is this right or wrong? Give examples of this.

9. People need superheroes, even if they are only fiction or a fantasy. Do you agree?

10. Have superheroes became a part of modern folk culture and folklore?

11. Our country and world needs “real” superheroes. What do you think? If yes, what problems should superheroes solve? What should they do?


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