The Climate, one

Vocabulary words related to the weather.

season temperate arid (desert)
alpine monsoon global warming
taiga glacier semi-arid (steppe)
prairie grassland subtropical
steppe oceanic Mediterranean
polar tropical four seasons
arctic dry season wet season
humid tundra climate change




A. In General

1. The weather in my city can change dramatically from day to day, and even within the same day. True or false?

2. Does your region or country have four distinct seasons?

3. People generally like warm, sunny weather, and dislike cold, dark, rainy days. Is this entirely right, mostly right, in the middle, it depends, mostly wrong or completely wrong?

4. Are there micro-climates within your city or town?

5. What sort of climate do you prefer? Arctic, subarctic, alpine, temperate, subtropical wet, subtropical dry (Mediterranean), steppe (semi-arid, semi-desert), arid (desert).

B. Hot and Cold

6. The weather and climate have a strong influence on people’s moods, behavior, thinking, feeling and attitude.

7. Colder, temperate nations are more developed and wealthier than hot, tropical ones.




8. Warmer or hotter nations are more friendly and open than cold temperate nations

9. Are people from colder people, i.e. northern Europe, more austere, serious and less emotional than those from warmer climates?

10. People from colder climates drink more than in warmer climates. What do you think?

C. Climate Change

11. What do you think of climate change? Is it a very serious issue, a serious issue, in the middle, so-so, not very serious or not serious at all?

12. Is there a big debate, argument and controversy about climate change? Where do people stand on climate change?

13. I have seen and experienced the effects of climate change. Yes or no?

14. What may be the causes of climate change?

15. Should people and governments do anything about climate change?

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