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Clothing, four


Most people, no matter where they live, wear some kind of clothing. Throughout history, many people have worn clothing more for decoration than for covering the body.

People in various regions dress differently for many reasons. They may need protection from different kinds of weather; they may have different materials and methods for making clothes; or they may have different habits of dress.

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School and Work

30. What do you wear to school, college or university? What do you wear to work?

31. What clothes do office workers wear?

32. What would you like to wear to work at an office? Why?

33. Office workers and professionals should wear casual clothes (on Fridays). Do you agree?

34. Would you prefer to wear a company uniform?

35. Students should wear school uniforms. Do you agree? What are the pros and cons?

36. In the future, people will work in their pajamas. What do you think?


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