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Cell Phones, II



13. Have you received wrong number calls? Or rather how often do you receive wrong number calls? How often do you call a wrong number by mistake?

14. Have you received calls from someone who does not speak your language? How did you respond? How do they respond?

15. How often do you make outgoing calls from your cell phone? Approximately how many outgoing calls do you make a day or per week?

16. Do you receive approximately the same about of incoming calls?

17. What do you mostly talk about on your mobile phone, business and, or important things; or just shooting the breeze (small talk)? What is the percentage or fraction?


18. I get annoyed by cell phone rings and people speaking in loud volumes. True or false?

19. Do you sometimes wish the cell phone had never been invented? Give examples.

20. I text more often than I talk on my cell phone. True or false?

21. What would happen if your cell/smart phone was taken away? What would happen if the cell phone system collapsed?

22. Has your household discontinued your landline phone service?


23. Are cell phone prices increasing, decreasing, or remaining about the same?

24. Teenagers have to keep up with the latest cell or smart phone models. Do you agree?

25. If a person doesn’t have the latest model, he or she is looked down upon. Yes or no?

26. What will cell phones of the future be like? What will be some of their features?

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