freedom one

Freedom, one


Freedom is the ability to make choices and to carry them out. The words freedom and liberty mean much the same thing. For people to have complete freedom, there must be no restrictions on how they think, speak, or act.

They must be aware of what their choices are, and they must have the power to decide among those choices. They must also have the means and the opportunity to think, speak, and act without being controlled by anyone else. However, no organized society can actually provide all these conditions at all times.

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Freedom in General

1. Is there a single, definite definition of “freedom”? What is meaning of “freedom”? What does “freedom” mean?

2. Give examples of what freedom entails. What are some examples of being free?

3. Freedom means a person can do absolutely anything he or she wants. Yes or no?

4. What are some examples of restrictions on freedom, or deprivation of freedom?

5. If there is widespread corruption (bribery, embezzlement, fraud, nepotism, cronyism), a nation cannot be truly free, despite having a democratic constitution and elections.

Types of Freedom

6. There isn’t just one, but different kinds of freedoms (i.e. political, social, economic, thought or thinking). Do you agree? Give examples of each.

7. Is it possible to have one or several types of freedoms, but not others? Is it possible to lack certain types of freedoms, but have others? Is it possible not to feel free in a democracy?

8. It’s possible for a country to be politically and economically free, but socially “not free”. True or false?

9. Can nations be politically and socially free, but economically “not free”?

10. Is it possible for a country to be a democracy, but not have freedom of thought?

11. Give examples of economic and social freedom, but a lack of political freedom.


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