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Young readers are familiar with storybooks, textbooks, workbooks, and comic books. We often consult almanacs, dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, and technical manuals for reference. We read novels, books of poetry, plays, and short stories, for entertainment.

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D. Society

13. It’s very important for everyone to read books. Yes or no?

14. Literacy and reading is vital for democracy. What do you think?

15. People should read up on geography, history, politics, sociology, psychology, economics. Yes or no?

16. Reading and appreciating classical literature, poetry and novels is very important. Do you agree?

17. Libraries are very important for a community.

E. Work, School

18. What do you have to read a lot for work or school? What do you read?

19. I can learn from just as well from TV and videos as from books. Do you agree?

20. For a sound economy, it isn’t necessary for everyone to be able to read; just professionals, managers and technicians.

F. Print

21. The Internet and e-books will soon replace conventional books

22. People are reading less these days. Is this right or wrong?

23. People will read less books, and watch more TV, videos and the internet.

24. What was the significance of the invention printing with movable type?

25. Do you have or know anyone who has a great collection of books, including old editions? Is it more than just a collection of books?


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