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The Police, 3


Every nation in the world has a police system. Most countries have a number of separate police organizations, each responsible for policing a particular area, or a particular type of crime. The United Kingdom has more than 50, and the United States has about 40,000 separate police agencies.

Some countries have one police force, controlled and financed by the national government. For example, China, France, Ireland, and New Zealand each have a single, national police organization.

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22. Do the police profile certain demographic groups in your community?

23. What types of individuals frequently become police officers?

24. Have you ever seen the police in action: chasing, capturing and apprehending and arresting criminal suspects?

25. Are there problems with police corruption and police bribery?

26. Do citizens complain about police brutality?

27. Often the police force feels like a separate entity from, as opposed to being part of, civil society. Do you agree?

The Police Force

28. Are there different types of law enforcement agencies, i.e. the military, national guard, gendarme, FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), Homeland Security, DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency)?

29. Have you seen special, elite police units in action or on patrol? What do they wear?

30. Could the police department, policing and the police force be improved? If yes, how could they be improved?

31. Which nation do you think has the “best” police force? Why? Describe “good” police officers.

32. Which countries have “bad” police officers? Describe “bad” police officers.


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