poverty one

Poverty, one



1. Nobody wants to be poor. True or false?

2. In the past, most people were poor; today most people are middle class. Is this right or wrong? What percent of the population is poor? Has it changed over the decades?

3. The children of poor parents often grow up to be poor; poor adults usually come from poor families. Yes, no, usually, sometimes.

4. Do the poor have more, less or the same about of children as middle class families?

5. Is poverty more common among certain ethnic, religious or regional groups?

6. Is there more poverty in the country or in cities? Where in the city do the poor live?

7. Do poor people suffer from discrimination? Are the poor discriminated against?


8. What kind of work do the poor typically do?

9. Are there educated people who are poor?

10. There are some people that used to be working class or middle class, but are now poor. Yes or no?

11. Are the poor exploited by the rich?

12. Are the poor “parasites” to the rest of society (or are the rich parasites)?

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