The Weather, one

Vocabulary words related to the weather.

breeze snowfall weatherman/woman
ice rain/rainy freezing cold
cool lightning storm/stormy
cold fog/foggy scorching hot
hot below zero wind/windy
snow weather weather forecast
warm thunder sunny/sunshine
hail chill/chilly cloud/cloudy
spring summer autumn/fall
winter above zero temperature
subzero centigrade air pressure
Celsius Fahrenheit thermometer
rainbow barometer temperature





A. The Weather

1. How is the weather today? What’s the weather like today?

2. The most common topic of discussion is the weather. What do you think?

3. Do you usually read, listen to or look at weather forecasts? What is the source of your weather information?

4. Do you think weather forecasts are usually accurate?

6. Describe the weatherman or weather woman on televised news.

7. Describe your ideal weather.



B. Rain, Snow, Hail

8. Lighting storms occur sometimes in my region. True or false? Is there a lightning storm season?

9. How can people avoid getting stuck by lighting?

10. How did ancient or primitive people react to thunder and lightning? What did ancient or primitive people think of lightning?

11. I always forget or lose my umbrella when it rains. Yes or no?

12. I love being nice and warm in my home during a stormy night; it feels very comfortable and snug. Is this right or wrong?

13. Snowfall and snow on the ground is a beautiful sight. Do you agree?

14. Have you experienced a hailstorm? Was it fascinating or scary? How big were the hailstones?

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