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United States, part 4


This country has abundant natural resources. It includes great stretches of fertile soil, a plentiful water supply and navigable water routes, and large stretches of forests. There are also huge deposits of minerals.


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 What do you think about the following statements about the United States?

I agree completely; I agree somewhat; yes and no, maybe, sometimes, perphaps, it depends; I disgree; I totally disagree.

Why do these laws and customs exists? What are the good and bad points about these?

31. Unlike Europe, many Americans dislike high taxes, big government and social welfare.

32. Although US propaganda says Americans are descendants of immigrant from all over the world, most people are of English, Irish and German origin.

33. Many American men marry foreign women, especially from East and Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe.

34. Many (White) Americans are against interracial marriages, especially with African Americans.

35. In contrast to Australians and New Zealanders, most Americans (54%) have never traveled outside their country.

36. Young people move out of their parents’ home when they finish high school at 18.

37. Despite being very big, the customs and lifestyles throughout the US are rather uniform and similar.

38. Many Americans are very ignorant about geography and other cultures.

39. Americans were (secretly) very happy when the US Battleship USS Maine blew up and sank in Havana Harbor, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, North Vietnam “attacked” a US Destroyer, and the Twin Towers were destroyed.


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