my room

My Room






1. Do you have your own room?

2. How many rooms are there in your house? What rooms are they? What are they used for?

3. My favorite place in the whole world is my room. Yes or no? Which do you like better, your bedroom or your living room? Describe your favorite room. What sort of furnishings does it have?

4. Would you describe your room as being messy, neat or in the middle? Do you like it this way?

5. Boys have messier rooms than girls. Girls have neater rooms than boys. What do you think?

6. Describe your ideal bedroom or living room. How big would it be? Would it be small, medium-sized, large, very big?
7. What sort of furniture and decorations would you like in your bedroom or living room?

8. I share a room with a roommate. Is this right or wrong? Have you shared a room with a roommate? How was it? Would you like to live with a roommate?

9. Do some or many people in your city share rooms with others?

10. Could you live (survive) in a one-room, studio apartment? Would you prefer to live in your own one-room studio, a room in a house with housemates, or a house to yourself?

11. Would you like to work from your room (with a computer and internet)?

12. I know some people who seldom leave their room. Yes or no?



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