Summer is the warmest season of the year. The Northern Hemisphere, the northern half of the earth, has summer weather during late June, July, August, and early September. Summer-like days sometimes occur in mid-autumn. In the Southern Hemisphere, summer lasts from late December until early March.

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1. Summer is my favorite season. Yes or no?

2. Approximately how long is your summer vacation? When does your school end for the summer vacation? When does it begin again?

3. How do you and your friends feel when summer begins?

4. I wish summer was longer. Is this right or wrong? How do you feel when it draws to an end?

5. Many of my friends spend their summer in a country home. Yes or no?

6. Do you sometimes feel bored in summer?

Summer Activities

7. What do you and your friends do on a typical summer day?

8. My family and I usually travel during summer. True or false? Where do you often go? What places have you been to?

9. Do your friends attend summer school or take lessons during the summer?

10. I read or do some studying during summer. Yes or no?

11. We often have feasts, picnics, parties and celebrations in summer.





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