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The world of business includes a tremendous variety of products and services, much of which is rarely seen.

Business plays a central role in virtually all countries. Managers of businesses (and indirectly consumers) decide what goods and services should be produced and what their prices should be.

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3. Personal Strategy

14. Do you read lots of books, magazines and trade journals in your industry?

15. Do you listen to audio programs, attend seminars, lectures, trade fairs, exhibitions, and take courses and classes in related to your area?

16. What one skill, if you were to do it in an excellent fashion would do more to advance your career and boost your income?

17. Have you heard of the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 Rule? How does this apply to your situation?

4. Overall view

18. What are the top two or three of your most important tasks at work?

19. What changes in your business or field do you anticipate in the years ahead?

20. Do you need a university degree to succeed in business or in your profession?

21. Do you need to be smart to succeed in your business or profession? Do you know of any successful people who are of “average” intelligence? Do you know of people who aren’t as smart as you, but who are more successful?

22. Do most of your friends or classmates want to go into business or be business people?

5. Corporate Life

23. Is there a lot of “office” or “company politics” where you work? Is this good or bad?

24. How do people in your business or company dress? What is the dress code?

25. Do most employees at your company actually work most of the time they are on the job? Or do they spend an inordinate amount of time chatting, socializing, making personal phone calls, reading the newspaper, surfing the internet, taking extended coffee, smoke and lunch breaks, kicking back?

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