crime two

Crime, II



In the 1600’s for example, people could be arrested, tried, imprisoned and even executed for witchcraft. Today, it is becoming a serious offense to pollute the air and water.

An act is regarded as a crime if there is sufficient evidence that a violation of the law has taken place.

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11. Some of my friends been a victim of a crime. Yes or no? Have you or your friends ever witnessed a crime?

12. Have you or your friend ever committed a crime? Could you describe them?


13. What are the causes of crime?

14. There is a direct link between crime and poverty. True or false?

15. Is there a link or correlation, direct or inverse, between criminality and television, magazines?

16. Does the internet effect or influence crime rates, either directly or inversely?

17. What are the roles, if any, of genetics, heredity and the environment, in other words, nature vs. nurture? Are there “born” criminals?


18. What is or would be the solution to crimes?

19. How can violent crime be lessened?

20. How can white collar crimes be avoided and reduced?

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