The News Media, one



1. I read the newspaper or watch the 6 o’clock news. Yes or no?

2. Do you read the newspaper or watch the news daily? How often do you read the paper or watch the news on TV? Or do you read and watch online news?

3. Some or many people do not read or watch the news. True or false? Describe their world and world view.

4. Have you or your friends ever been on the news? If yes, why? Have you ever been interviewed by a newspaper journalist? Have you ever been stopped and asked questions while on camera?

5. I read and watch all the news. Is this correct or wrong? Or are you selective in what you read or pay attention to? Is it better to be more selective in what you read and what you watch?

6. I write comments on message boards or forums. Yes or no? Do you argue with other posters?


7. What are the major newspapers, news magazines and broadcast news in your city, region and, or country?

8. What are the differences between newspaper, television and magazine news coverage?

9. Are there any foreign language newspapers printed in your city and, or country? In which language? Who reads them?

10. What are the main features and differences between “standard” and “tabloid” newspapers?

11. Only (some) middle-aged and old people read print media. True or false?

12. Printed media going the way of the dinosaurs. What do you think? If yes, why? Give examples.

13. Are most online news new, or are they online versions of traditional print newspaper,


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