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Holidays, one

Holiday is any day on which people lay aside their ordinary duties and cares. The word comes from the Anglo-Saxon halig daeg, or holy day.

At first, holidays were given to honour some sacred event or holy person. Nowadays, people speak of holidays or vacations meaning a break from work, school, or everyday routine.

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Holidays in General

1. What are the major, important holidays in your country or where you live?

2. Which holidays are your favourite? My favorite holidays are . . . . Why do you like them? What happens?

3. There are holidays that honor heroes and great persons in my country. True or false? Which holidays honor heroes or great persons in your nation? Why?

4. Do you think there are not enough, enough, or too many holidays?

Open and Close

5. What closes on holidays?

6. What, if anything, remains open during a holiday?


7. Are Bank holidays or national holidays declared on certain days so as to create a four-day holiday that includes the weekend?

8. What do children think about holidays?

9. Do all adults love holidays?

10. A few of my friends work on holidays. Is this correct or wrong?

Proposed Holidays

11. Are there certain days, events, or lives of people that should be made into holidays? Which days, events, or people’s lives should be made into holidays?

12. Should the landing on the moon be made into a holiday?

13. Do you think certain holidays should be cancelled or annulled? If yes, which holidays should be retracted?

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