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Companies, three

When a limited liability company is established, its capital (money used to set it up) is divided into shares, which are owned by the members of the company. The members, or shareholders, control the company by attending the annual meeting and electing a board of directors. The directors have responsibility for running the company and making decisions.

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Company Structure

26. Is there a large difference between small, medium-sized and large companies?

27. What kind of company would you like to work for?

28. Describe your (realistically) ideal salary and benefits. Do you prefer a fixed or variable salary? Do you prefer fixed working hours or variable hours?

29. I would prefer working from home. Yes or no? Would you prefer working entirely at your company, at home or half-half? What about your friends?

30. Would you prefer to work for one or two companies for your entire working life; or work in different companies? Has this arrangement changed over the years?

31. Which do you prefer, working for a company as a full-time, permanent employee, being a freelancer or a temp worker?

32. Would you like to work for a domestic company, a foreign company (or an international company), or it doesn’t make a difference?

Work Environment

33. What sort of dress code would you like, casual, semi-formal/business-casual or formal?

34. Do you prefer working in cubicles, desks with partitions, your own office or an open work environment?

35. I prefer working individually, by myself; I prefer not to work in a team. Is this correct or incorrect?

36. Which do you prefer, being an employee or a boss?

37. I love going on business trips. Is this right or wrong?


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