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Singing, 2


Singing is the production of musical tones by the human voice with or without words. Singing is a natural form of expression found in cultures and societies throughout the world.

Singing may be accompanied by instrumental music, or it may be a cappella (without instrumental accompaniment).

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Churches, Clubs and Organizations

12. Do you sing in church?

13. Are there singing clubs or choirs in your town or neighborhood?

14. Do you or your friends belong to a singing club or choir? Are you in a youth club or a club that sings sometimes?

15. During Christmas and New Year, do people sing together in groups?

TV, Other

16. Can singing be used for propaganda?

17. Are there singing or talent shows on TV? If yes, what are they?

18. My friend would like to enter a talent competition. True or false?

19. Many people sing songs from TV and radio commercials. Do you agree?

20. Singing helps relieve stress and boredom. Singing is uplifting. What do you think?

21. I have seen people singing on the streets, in the city center. Yes or no?

22. Can singing can help people learn foreign languages?

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