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Business includes the activities of all commercial producers of goods and services. These producers range from freelance services provided by one individual on a computer to multi-national corporations owned by thousands of shareholders.

Business affects nearly every part of people’s lives. From bubble gum to space tourism, business provides almost all the goods and services we use daily. It also supplies most of the jobs and salaries that enable us to buy those goods and services.

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1. Background information

1. Do you own or run a business? What sort of business? Is it small, medium-sized or large?

2. What sort of company or business do you work for? What business or industry would you like to be a part of?

3. What sort of products or services do you provide?

4. My main competitors are…..

5. Who are your main customers? Are they other businesses or consumers?

6. Who are your main suppliers? What do they supply you with?

2. Secrets, strategies, methods

7. What are the secrets to succeed in business? Or is it top secret?

8. How can you increase the bottom line to your company?

9. Does your organization organize training programs, classes and courses for their employees? For example?

10. Who are the most “important” people in your company in terms of profit generation?

11. Who are the best employees?

12. Do you have a competitive advantage over your competitors? Do you have a market niche, a unique selling proposition?

13. Does your company or business have a website? Do you conduct much business online?

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