restaurant two

Restaurants, part two


Restaurants make up the largest part of the food service industry. All places that serve food to people away from home form part of this industry, including schools, hospitals, factories, and prisons.

There are two main kinds of restaurants: (1) table-service restaurants and (2) fast-service, or self-service, restaurants.

Most table-service restaurants have a headwaiter or a hostess who seats the customers at a table and gives them a menu. A waiter or a waitress takes their order and serves their food. The most popular table-service restaurants are family restaurants, most of which offer several kinds of foods at moderate prices.


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Foreign, Ethnic Restaurants

12. There many foreign or ethnic restaurants (besides your own) in my town or city. True or false?

13. Are there restaurants in your town or city representing the following nationalities: American, Argentinian, Bangladeshi, Brazilian, British, Caucasian (Armenian, Azerbaijani Georgian), Caribbean (Cuban, Jamaican), Chinese, French, Greek, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lebanese, Mexican, Moroccan, Nigerian, Pakistani, Persian, Peruvian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Sri Lankan, Thai, Turkish, Uzbek, Vietnamese, other?

14. My nation has restaurants in other countries. Yes or no? If yes, where? What dishes are popular abroad?

15. Are there specialty restaurants in your town or city, such as seafood restaurants, steak restaurants, vegan restaurants, chicken restaurants, pizza restaurants?

16. Have you ever dined in any of these restaurants? Describe the sort of dishes you had.

Service, Decor, Decorations

17. How do waiters and waitresses typically dress?

18. Do restaurants usually play background music? If yes, describe the type of music playing.

19. There are many restaurants that have live music or live bands. Yes or no? What kinds of music or bands are popular?

20. Are there restaurants filled with traditional art and decor? Describe them.

21. Do customers leave tips? If yes, how much?

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