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Are the following customs true or still true? Why did or do these customs exist? What do you think about them? How is it in your country?


41. Many religious groups provide food, clothing, spiritual comfort and other assistance to needy members.

42. In Texas people have barbequed rattlesnakes. In Thailand deep fried crickets and silk worms are common. In Japan and some European countries people eat raw fish. In France escargot (snails) and frog legs are delicacies. In parts of Australia, caterpillars and grubs are roasted.

43. In many countries, such as Iran, Sweden, and Indonesia people remove their shoes when they enter homes. In other countries like the US and UK, people keep them on.

44. Traditionally when people in China greet each other they shake their own hands. In Japan people bow. In France people kiss each others’ cheeks.

45. In traditional Polynesian cultures, everything is shared; private ownership and property did not exist.

46. On the island of Vanuatu, in order to become a man, a boy must “bungee jump” off a wooden tower.

47. Buddhists, Jains, and Seven Day Adventists are not supposed to eat animal flesh.


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