politics one

Politics, one


In General

1. What comes to mind when you hear the word “politics”? What do you associate with politics?

Does the word “politics” have a positive connotation, a negative connotation, both, neither, or neutral? Why? Give examples.

2. The most interesting topic of conversation is politics. Is this true or false? How often do you and your friends talk about politics?

3. Half of all men are interested in politics; the other half are partially interested. But the majority of females and teenagers are not that interested in politics. Do you agree?

4. Everyone complains about the system, but nothing is done (by politicians) about it. Do you agree? If yes, why is this the case?

5. Everyone criticizes and complains about politics and politicians . . . but hardly anyone wants to become a politician — and many people don’t even bother to vote.


6. There are many things about politics and politicians that I would like to change. Yes or no? If yes, what are some of them?

7. And yet everyone loves to voice their opinions online, in message boards, and comments sections.

8. The internet and social media, especially Twitter, will change politics and “democratize” it. What do you think?

9. Are people becoming more frustrated and indifferent with politics? Is this good, bad, both, neither or it depends?

10. There should be more grass-roots level involvement and movements in society and politics. Do you agree?

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