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Stereotypes of Europe


Here are some stereotype of Europe. How true are they? Is that good, bad, both or neither? What is it like in your country?
1. The Balkans are a total mess.

2. The French are great connoisseurs of cheese and fine wine; they are also great lovers.

3. People in Germany are xenophobic and Nazis.

4. Italians are very artistic and produce fantastic works of art and architecture.

5. People in Italy are nice, open and friendly, and serve great meals.

6. The Irish love literature, reading and writing. They are a nation of authors.

7. Russians are great dancers; they are the best dancers in the world.

8. Scandinavian countries are socialist and perfect in every way.

9. All Spaniards resemble Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas; i.e. they all have black hair and dark eyes.

10. The people of Switzerland are peace-loving people; they are proper, careful, meticulous and exact.

11. Ukrainian and Moldovan women are very beautiful, and they want to marry Western men.

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