work schedules

Work Schedules



At The Company

1. I work from 8 to 5, Monday through Friday. True or false?

2. Does everyone at your company, institute or organization follow this schedule?

3. I sometimes have to work overtime or on weekends. Yes or no? How often does this happen? Why do you have to work overtime or weekends? Are you compensated for overtime?

4. Does someone in your company organize and make schedules for employees? Is this for all or certain employees?

5. In your company or organization, do employees have to start work at a certain time, then stop work at a certain time, or is it flexible or based on task and project completion? Which do you and your colleagues and friends prefer?





6. Most people work from 8 to 5, Monday through Friday. What do you think? Approximately what percent of employees work from 8 to 5? Has it changed over the decades?

7. Do some of your friends work during “odd” or “unsocial” hours. If yes, what sort of jobs do they have? Why don’t they work a “regular” schedule?

8. Do you have friends or colleagues who do shift work?

9. How do people feel about working odd or unsocial hours?

10. What is your ideal work schedule? If you could work any schedule you wanted, what would it be like? If I could have any schedule, I would work . . . . What kind of schedule would your friends and colleagues like?

11. Have work schedules changed over the decades?

12. What will work schedules be like in the future?

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