fruit temperate

Temperate Fruits, I


Vocabulary for fruits

pear melon raspberry
plum avocado watermelon
berry papaya strawberry
dates mango nectarine
apple cherry pineapple
olives orange persimmon
kiwi lemon tangerine
lime banana blueberry
peach coconut cantaloupe
fig apricot pomegranate







Temperate Fruits, 1

1. What are your favorite fruits? My favorite fruits are . . . .

2. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Have you heard this saying before? What does this mean?

3. Are apples the most popular fruit in your city? What color are apples?

4. What are the traditional fruits grown in your region?

5. How long is the pear season? Are the cherry, raspberry and mulberry seasons long or short?



Temperate Fruits, 2

6. Which fruits are available year round? Which fruits can you buy all year long?

7. All watermelons are oval shaped and striped green. True or false? I have you eaten yellow-fleshed watermelons, or seedless watermelons.

8. People like to pick and gather wild berries in fields and forests. Yes or no?

9. Where do the fruits in the market come from? Are they domestic, imported or both?

10. Is there plum and apricot brandy? Are they popular?

11. There are fruit trees in our yard. True or false?

12. How do peaches differ from other fruits? Describe the peach (and the kiwi fruit).

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