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Hotels range in size from large buildings with more than 3,000 rooms to small inns that have as few as 8 to 10 rooms. Small hotels do not offer the range of services provided by the large establishments. However, rooms and meals at most small inns generally cost less than those at large hotels.

The staff of hotels works around the clock to make the guests comfortable. The housekeeping staff cleans each room daily. Bellhops carry luggage and packages to the guests’ rooms.


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Business and Economics

13. Which sentence is most accurate or correct? There are not enough hotels in my city. 2) There are enough hotels in my city. 3) There are too many hotels in my city.

14. Are there many different types of hotel accommodation? For example private rooms, hostels, bed and breakfast, inns, motels; three, four, five, six, or seven star hotels.

15. What are the rates for hotel stays?

16. Hotel operations are seasonal. Is this correct or wrong?

17. Hotels are very profitable; they generate lots of money. What do you think?

18. Hotels and tourism in general are an important of my city’s economy and provide lots of jobs. Yes or no?

Hotel Services

19. Besides rooms, what services do larger hotels offer?

20. Some of the best restaurants and cuisine are in hotels. True or false?

21. Have you or your friends performed in a hotel (presentations, conferences, singing, dancing, music)?

22. Are there great musicals (music and dance shows) in hotels?

23. The ultimate hotel adventure are ocean cruise liners. Do you agree?

24. Hotels serve as important venues for business conferences and meetings; my organization often utilize hotels as venues. Yes or no?


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