school one

School, part one

School is an institution that provides education. Most schools could be described as a building to which children and teenagers regularly go in order to learn reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, and the like.





1. I am a high school student. Yes or no?

2. How much do you like your school? How much did you like your school? I love my school. I like my school. So-so, in the middle, yes and no, it depends. I don’t like my school. I hate my school.

3. Who is your favorite school teacher? (Who was your favorite teacher in school)? Why is she or he your favorite teacher?

4. Describe your worse teacher (but don’t mention any names. Don’t say their names).

5. My favorite school subject is (was) . . . . . . . because . . . . . . .

6. What are (or were) your worse subjects? Why?

7. Everyone in my class is my friend; I get along with everyone in my class.





8. What are the “most important” school subjects? What subjects must be studied? Why? For example?

9. Are there any subjects that students “don’t need to” study? Why not? Why are these studied? Could they be “useful”?

10. Which new or additional courses should be taught in school? Why?

11. There should be more art, dance, choir, music, woodworking, drama, theater lessons at school. What do you think?

12. There should be more interactive media (learning with computers, software, apps). Do you agree?

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