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Journalism Ethics; Sociology, Psychology

25. Do you think the media is objective . . . or do they have some sort of conspiracy to control, brainwash, condition and manipulate the general public?

26. Should there be complete freedom of the press? Should the press present and say anything?

27. Should the press report on military operations and information?

28. The media should talk about government spying, intelligence, surveillance and data collecting. What do you think?

29. Most mainstream media have a liberal bias or slant. What do you think? Is this good, bad, both or neither?

30. Usually the comments or reply section is “better” and more insightful than the standard reporting. Do you agree?

31. Some individuals crave media attention. Is this correct or wrong?

Electronic Media

32. Digital media is superior to traditional print media. Do you agree?

33. People trust e-newspapers more than print newspapers. Yes or no?

34. Social media, such as Twitter and Facebook is changing everyone’s attitude and way of thinking.

35. Now there is too much information; people are suffering from information overload.

36. Often, it’s better to just turn off all devices and go for a walk in the forests and hills.

37. What will happen in the future?

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