office 2

The Office, two


Vocabulary Relating to Offices

boss employee employer
CEO full-time accountant
service part-time health insurance
attend work hard hardly working
desk supplier organized
client prospect indifferent
fax secretary equipment
chair hard (2) hard copy
xerox document photocopier
copy manager expensive
human break (2) reception
area (2) favorite handyman
nice resource conference
busy meeting human resources
formal dress (2) dress code
suit contract office politics


C. Offices, Rooms

13. The CEO, accountants, and managers each have their own offices. True or false? What about the rank-and-file employees?

14. The break room or coffee room is everybody’s favorite place. Yes or no?

15. Is the reception area is the most beautiful place in the company? Is yes, why is it the most beautiful place in the office?

16. Everyone in human resources is female. True or false?

17. If the conference room isn’t busy, we have lunch and breaks there.

18. Our bathroom is very nice, new, and modern.

19. Is your office or department and open area?

D. Other

20. Our office has a formal dress code; everyone has to wear a suit — except for technician and handyman and, office cleaner.

21. I like to attend meetings. How often do you have meetings? Are they interesting?

22. I hate office politics. My colleague quit his or her job due to office politics.

23. At 10:00 am and 3:00 pm, we have a coffee break; everyone goes into the break room and gets coffee from the coffee machine.

24. Is everyone always busy, or do employees often chat and socialize?


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