scientific innovations

Scientific Developments


What are the consequences of the following hypothetical discoveries, inventions, or innovations? Are they beneficial or detrimental?

Are you in favor of the following developments? Are these good or bad? Why or why not?


1. Geneticist perfect the cloning of people; they make clones of Aristotle, Archimedes, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Isaac Newton, Thomas Jefferson, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Churchill, David Beacham, Marilyn Monroe.

2. Biochemists have synthesized aphrodisiac sprays, colognes and perfumes.

3. Geneticists have developed a way for parents to genetically design their babies.

4. Scientists have learned how to recreate dinosaurs, mammoths and saber tooth tigers!

5. Engineers patent a stun-gun that only stuns but does not kill or seriously injure people.

6. Agriculturalists learn to multiply crop yields.


7. Ethnobotanists in the Amazonian rain forest have discovered medicinal cures for cancer, heart disease, stroke, and AIDS.

8. Physiologists enable people can live to 120 in a youthful state.

9. Scientists have perfected sex-change operations.

10. Cosmetic surgeons and engineers perfect a way of making anyone look anyway they want.


11. Psychologists discover a way for people to learn ten times faster and remember anything worth remembering!

12. Through self-hypnosis, psychologists have learned how people can control themselves and change and control old habits such as quitting smoking, loosing weight, achieving success, finding love.

13. Psychologists and physiologist have perfected a lie detector that’s 99.99% accurate.

14. Psychologist enable people to read minds, and have telepathy, and extra sensory perception.

Computers, Technology, Machines, Devices

15. Computer and electronic engineers have developed an all-in-one, super-quality, mobile-phone, movie camera, internet compatible, super eyeglass computer.

16. Computer scientists have perfected artificial intelligence; computers can now think like humans!

17. Rockets and airplanes can travel near the speed of light.

18. Metallurgists have learned to cheaply synthesize gold, silver, pearls, emeralds, rubies, diamonds.

19. The new One World Government has set up an elaborate network of surveillance cameras that can watch and eavesdrop on everyone at all times; and personal data banks containing all information about everything on everyone!

Earth and Space

20. Anthropologists and zoologists have found and documented a new, huge, 3 meter tall, 400 kg, hairy creature.

21. Astronomers have discovered water and life on other planets.

22. Physicists and chemists have perfected hydrogen energy technology; water becomes a source of fuel.

23. Geologists and zoologists discover ways of monitoring animals to predict earthquakes.

24. Meteorologists and climatologist learn how to control the weather and climate.

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