britain 1

Stereotypes of Britain, 1

What can you say about the following statements regarding the United Kingdom? How true are they? Absolutely, definitely, it’s mostly true, partially true, in the middle, yes and no, it depends, that’s not true, or that’s entirely false. Why do they do this? Is it good, bad, both good and bad, in the middle? What is it like in your country?

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1. Britons are loyal subjects of their Queen. They are proud of their monarchy.

2. The “national dish” of Britain is curry.

3. The English love going to pubs, drinking beer and getting drunk.

4. They are fanatical about sports. They love sports, especially soccer, cricket and rugby football.

5. The United Kingdom has the highest marriage — and divorce — rate in Europe.

6. Many British men marry women from Russia, Ukraine, Philippines and Thailand.

7. The Brits love to travel, in particular to “exotic” destinations.

8. Great Britain is everyone’s ultimate destination. Everyone wants to live in the UK.

9. All Britons live in quaint cottages or stately mansions.

10. The English live a rich, high-class, Victorian lifestyle (for example, they have afternoon tea).




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