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A truly healthy person not only feels good physically but also has a realistic outlook on life and gets along well with other people.

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Health Care

12. There are enough hospitals in my city, region and country. Yes or no?

13. Are there enough doctors, nurses, and other health professionals?

14. The government needs to invest more in health care. Do you agree?

15. Is medicine a prestigious profession in your country? Do good students want to become doctors?


16. Who is (was) the oldest person in your country? What did he or she say was his or her “secret” to longevity?

17. Who are some healthy people that you know? Why are they healthy?

18. In which part of your country do people live the longest? Why?

19. In what parts of the world do people live very long? Why is that?

20. Would you like to live to over 100? What would you do? What do centenarians do?

21. Have you ever heard of the “Fountain of Youth”? What is the Fountain of Youth? Can people remain young or reverse aging? Is it possible?

22. Do you know old people who look young, and young people who look old?



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