Marriage, one


Marriage is the relationship between a man and a woman who have made a legal agreement to live together. When a man and woman marry, they become husband and wife. Marriage is also an important religious ceremony in many of the world’s religions.

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Courtship, Pre-Marriage

1. Is it better to have parents or matchmakers arrange a marriage, or for people to choose themselves? Can friends arrange the perfect wife or husband for someone?

2. Nowadays, people find husbands and wives online. What do you think? Do you know any couples who met online?

3. How long should couples know each other before tying the knot (getting married)?

4. Do you know couples who married soon after they met? Do you know people who were boyfriends and girlfriends for many years before they got married?

5. Should boyfriends and girlfriends cohabit before getting married? Do many couples cohabit or live together without getting married?

6. Is cohabiting an alternative to getting married?


7. All people, all men and women get married. Is this correct or wrong? Approximately what percent of men and women get married? What percent do not?

8. What is the average age of men and women when the get married? Has it changed over the years? What is the “ideal” age to get married?

9. Describe the ideal wife.

10. How would you describe the perfect husband?

11. What is the key or secret to a happy, successful marriage?

12. It’s better to be married to anyone than to not be married at all. What do you think?


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